Public key (key)

Key given after registration. This key has to be included in every call.

API key (apikey)

Calculated key, based on the parameters in your request. When having troubles with generating the API key, you can read the APIkey documentation

Unix timestamp (timestamp)

<?php time();  ?>

Producttype (cat)

The category of the product

Possible values for

Language (language)

This parameter defines in which language the output will be

Possible values:

Segment (segment)

Will you need products for personal or professional clients?

Possible values:

Supplier (supplier)

To make the API more flexible, we have created the possibility to request all products for the same supplier by adding the supplier parameter, with his corresponding sid (supplier id) The supplier IDS can be retrieved from the suppliers resource.

Product ids (productid)

By adding the productid parameter, which is a list of product ID's, you can create a request for a few specific products in 1 request.