Accessing the OPTIONS resource

The options resource provides read only access to the product options on

Choose the appropriate HTTP method

Resource HTTP format URL.format Description
Options GET /options.json Returns a list of options

By using this method, you can request a list of options. The options in this list are selected based on parameters that are either optional or required and passed along with HTTP method.

Define the parameters

The options resource accepts a number of parameters based. You can either request explicit options by providing their IDs, or do a more Find-based approach to find all options operating in a certain product-area.

Option ID based search (when you provide a OptionID this searh method gets priority, even if other params are provided)

Name Parameter Required Type Description
Option ID(s) option_id yes array Returns the options identified by the (array of) option_id
Language lang yes nl / fr Language
Detaillevel detaillevel no array Level of detail in response (see detaillevel-chapter)


Detaillevel gives you the possibility to scale down the response array. When you only need texts, you can add texts to your detaillevel array and will only get the text array in your output.

In this case, you have the choice in: