Product types

Name key ID Description
Internet internet 1 Fixed internet connections
Mobile mobile 2 Mobile telephony connections
Packs packs 3 Packs consisting of a combination of mobile telephony, digital TV and internet connections
Fixed telephony telephony 4 Fixed telephony connections
Electricity electricity 5 Electricity connections
Gas gas 6 Gas connections
Mobile internet mobile_internet 8 Mobile internet connections
Prepaid mobile telephony prepaid 9 Prepaid mobile telephony connections
Checking accounts savings 10 Checking bank accounts
Savings accounts longterm 11 Long-term savings bank accounts
Credit cards creditcard 12 Credit cards
Digital TV idtv 13 Digital TV connections
Dual fuel packs dualfuel_pack 14 Packs consisting of electricity and gas connections on the same address
Mobile telephony + cellphone mobile_device_offer 15 Packs consisting of mobile internet and a cellular device
Prepaid credit card prepaid_creditcard 16 Prepaid credit cards


Name Value
Male 1
Female 2

Market segments

Name Value
Consumer 1
Small-medium businesses 2

Payment methods

Name Value
Bank transfer 1
Direct debit 2

Electricity meter type

Name Value
Day meter 1
Day-night meter 2
Exclusive night meter 3
Day + exclusive night meter 4

Electricity meter connection type

Name Value
Measured yearly (ymr) 1
Measured automatically (amr) 2
Measured monthly (mmr) 3

Electricity and gas situation

Name Value
New connection 1
Move 2
Supplier switch 3
Urgent connection 4

Building types (also called Residence type)

Name Value
Apartment 1
Row house 2
Semi-detached house 3
Detached house 4
Corner house 5

Solar calculation type

Name Value
Capacity capacity
Injection injection

Solar installation year

Name Value
Unknown unknown
Before 2005 before_2005
Between 2005 and 2020 between_2005_and_2020
After 2021 after_2021